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Customized to your current situation

More leisure time

Are you an experienced entrepreneur and wish to reduce your accounting and administrative workload?

Complete control

As a committed entrepreneur, do you want to be able to access your accounts at any time and prepare up-to-date balance sheets yourself?

Work more efficiently

Are you a young entrepreneur who wants to be able to focus entirely on your core competencies?

Entrusting us with your repetitive, administrative tasks will simply enable you to gain more time.

Thanks to web-based software you and your team can access the latest figures from anywhere in the world.

Outsource the accounting or HR administration to us. We work for you quickly and cost-efficiently.

Suela Treuhand GmbH
Leimbachstrasse 122
8041 Zurich, Switzerland

Suela Treuhand GmbH
Grossholzweg 12
3073 Guemligen, Switzerland

Tel: +41 44 500 25 60

Abacus VI enables direct, flexible access to accounting data.
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